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Featured Artist

Meet Shirley Robinett

Look for her beautifully created artwork in the gallery of Kindred Spirits. 


Bozeman Collage Artist

Painting with Paper and Stuff


Welcome to My World of Creativity

& My Creative Journey


My creative journey began with my grandmother, Grandma McAvoy. She was full of imagination and was always creating something. As the most influential person in my creative life, my grandmother instilled within me the love and desire to create.

Inspired by Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," I have developed my own unique style of collage. I create these collages by overlaying cattlemarker or watercolor painted paper or recycle paintings, cut them into pieces, and then assemble them into layered images, adding a variety of materials to adorn each image. Each brightly-colored whimsical image tells its own story and is often a reflection of my own personal struggles & triumphs. You may find wild game bird feathers, grasses, wheat, pressed flowers, leaves, porcupine quills, horse hair, deer hair, coffee, tea, dirt, or other materials in my collages. While I create an image, I believe I am creating it for a home and I pray a blessing over it. My hope is that each image finds its home and that it speaks a message of hope and encouragement to the viewer as it has spoken to me.

I continue to draw inspiration from other artists, my daily journey, the beauty of God’s creation, my faith and belief in the Word of God, and experiences/travels shared with my husband, children, grandchildren, extended family and friends. I love to take photos and I attempt to use my own reference photos to draw inspiration for creating my images. My art has received several awards and I donate my art to local nonprofits to benefit families with cancer and disabilities. I received a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design from Montana State University and reside in Bozeman, Montana, with my husband and family nearby. 

May the touch of my grandmother’s life also touch you. May you find freedom and peace in your soul, love in your heart, and an inspiration to discover your own creative world.     


                                Midnight in Montana

mixed media collage 
Watercolors, gold acrylic, salt, porcupine quills and duck,

      Montana sharp-tail grouse  and parakeet feathers
              Framed approximately 8.5”x 11” $250

Red Rooster
mixed media collage

 Watercolors, salt, coffee, unidentified purple leaf, colored corn, wild grasses, pressed blue mustard blossoms, and peacock, chicken, emu, pigeon, parakeet, Montana sharp-tail grouse, duck and pheasant feathers
Framed approximately 16”x 22” $795

Sacred Moment 

mixed media collage

Cattlemarkers, Watercolors, Wild Grasses,Gerber Daisy Petals & Scarlet Gilia Flower Blossoms, Montana Sharp-tail Grouse,

Duck, Pheasant, Partridge & Parakeet Feathers

Framed 9" x 11"  $295

Seventh Day 

mixed media collage

Watercolors, coffee, salt and Montana sharp-tail grouse, partridge, duck & parakeet feathers 

Framed  13" x 15"  $450

The Strength of Two

mixed media collage 

Cattlemarkers, watercolors, coffee, porcupine quills, Alaska salmon bones, aspen & alder leaves, and

Montana sharp-tail grouse, duck, partridge & pheasant feathers. 

Framed  11" x  23"  $750

Taking Flight

mixed media collage  

Watercolors, coffee, salt and Montana sharp-tail grouse, duck, partridge & parakeet feathers.

Framed  12" x 14"   $450

Trumpeter Swans

mixed media collage 

Cattlemarkers, watercolors, salt, cotoneaster leaves

and parakeet feathers. 

Framed  18" X 14"  $650

Heaven on Earth

mixed media collage 

 Watercolors,cattlemarkers, watercolor, pressed golden globe bud & tiny iris flowers, wild oat stalks, and duck, emu & parakeet feathers

  10”x 18” $595   original for sale at Sage & Oats, Helena


mixed media collage 

Watercolors, cotoneaster & aspen leaves, pressed gerber daisy flower petals and peacock, pigeon parakeet, emu, Montana sharp-tail grouse, duck, chucker & partridge feathers.

Original sold